What to Expect from an Initial?

Sunday, April 17, 2022

First there are a couple of ways an initial can be conducted.

  1. In person- This has the benefit of meeting your Support Coordinator in person and puts a face to the name, also all paperwork can be filled out on the spot.
  2. Telehealth- Telehealth is a great tool that works for situations when a Support Coordinator cannot see you in person due to various circumstances. This can either be conducted over the phone or through Microsoft teams or other relevant apps.

What to bring to your Initial?

If you have information that relates to your disability it may be useful for your support Coordinator to review. E.g., NDIS Plan, Allied Health reports, medication list etc. Do not stress if you cannot gather all your information, your Support Coordinator can assist with this.

Getting Started

First things first, we will give you the floor to give us a brief history of you and your situation. Information that we will need is things like your Diagnosis, current living situation, informal/formal supports and services that you are currently using etc.

Reading your NDIS plan.

During your initial we will read through your goals together that are stated in your plan. Also, we will ask if you have any day-to-day goals that are not currently in your plan. This is to get a better understanding of what you to achieve during this plan and how we can best assist you.

Action Plan

Here we like to discuss and prioritise what you need from us as a Support Coordinator. We will discuss things like potential providers, assistive technology needs, support workers etc. Everyone has different needs and priorities in life, we want you to have choice and control.

Finishing Up

Now we have all the information required to get started for us to continue Supporting you, we now need to talk about the Service Agreement and Consent form.

Service Agreement

The Service Agreement allows Marli and Moe to access to the funds in your plan for Support Coordination. This form discusses yours and Marli and Moe’s Rights and Responsibilities whilst undergoing services. It also discusses the cancellation policy and how to provide feedback or lodge a complaint.

Consent Forms

Your information is private and confidential, Marli and Moe respects that. This form gives you the choice and control on how we utilise, gather and provide your information. You can withdraw or update your consent form at anytime.

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