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What Is NDIS Support Coordination?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Many people in Australia are experiencing that it can be quite a challenge and daunting experience to try and implement the funded support and services included in their NDIS plan.

But thanks to the NDIS, it now offers people with a disability more autonomy and jurisdiction over their supports and lives than ever witnessed before in the Australian disability and aged care space.

In a new world of new concepts, finances, ideas and schedules that may be foreign to most. Negotiating on services, planning activities, liaising with companies and NDIS providers and more can be too much for some to handle.

In this blog we shine a light one what the NDIS is, it’s eligibility and how NDIS Support Coordination can help reduce the stress and complexity when trying to choose and connect with NDIS services from your NDIS plan.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), is a program, initiated by the Australian government to help Australians with intellectual, physical, sensory, psycho-social and all other types of disabilities. It is aimed at giving these people and opportunity to obtain the care and support they require for a normal and happy life. It is a free system at the national level, what will be the same for all the people in Australia. The NDIS was established by the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013, and was officially rolled out on the 1st of July, 2016.


NDIS Eligibility

The NDIS covers those with disabilities, living in Australia and those who:

  • Are under 65 years of age when they receive NDIS assistance for the first time
  • Are Australian citizens OR permanent residents, OR New Zealand citizens who have a visa in the special category of protection
  • Have a disability that is not temporary, that is permanent or that affects their ability to participate actively in daily activities.

More Options

In the past, many people with disabilities in Australia have felt excluded from community life and had very limited options on how the assistance services were provided. In the NDIS, participants now have the preference of choosing what assistance services they want and how they wish to receive them.

Support Coordinator NDIS

People with disabilities and their families

NDIS participants can request any of their family members or other people of support to assist with the NDIS planning process. NDIS planners will meditate on how to assist families with the NDIS planning. This is a collaborative and informative decisioning process which all parties including family members and NDIS participants should be across with.

Support Coordination

This refers to support, funded by the NDIS, which helps participants make the most of their NDIS funds. It helps participants implement all supports in their plan, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports. The NDIS defines Support Coordination as “…a capacity building support to implement all supports in a participant’s plan, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports.”

After the approval of a plan, participants are required to work hand in hand with support coordinators in order to carefully plan how to disburse their funds, while connecting with providers.

Support Coordination helps to:

Inform you about the different possible things you can do with your NDIS funds
  • Fully exercise choice and control
  • Comb through NDIS marketplace and choose the best providers that suit you.
  • Adequately implement their plan
  • Have better capacity to manage/direct their own supports
  • Have more opportunities to explore and connect with community and alternative support options
  • Effectively coordinate multiple supports and services
  • Have the capacity of their informal support network strengthened

What are the benefits to having NDIS support coordination?

  • Have more opportunities to explore and connect with community and alternative support
  • Assisting and facilitating to get your NDIS plan started ASAP
  • Outcome Focused. Support Coordinators are only focused on positive outcomes for their clients that have been outlined. 
  • Experience in your locality. Good Support Coordinators will have extensive knowledge across your local disability and community sectors.They should literally be on first name basis with a-lot of your local disability providers and advocacy groups within your area.

Who can get support coordination funding?

Note that NOT all participant are given funding for Support Coordination, however, every participant can request for it. It is recommended that if a NDIS participant needs to add support coordination to their plan, they should bring this up their NDS planning meetings.

The NDIS only offers Support Coordination in cases where NDIS participants

are brand new to the NDIS scheme, receiving their first NDIS plan or going through a substantial life change such as moving interstate/regional areas or being transitioning into supported accommodation. Other insistences include if a participant doesn’t have the essential local support network that otherwise could provide assistance and direction. For example if a registered NDIS participant doesn’t have friends, family or local support services, the NDIS might fund a Support Coordinator to provide that support.

The NDIS does evaluate each participant on a case-by-case basis. If a request for funding for Support Coordination has been requested in a NDIS Planning Meeting, the NDIS looks at the individual situation to decide whether the client meets their criteria.

How to engage support coordinators

A request will be sent by the planner for service to support coordinators the participant has identified or requested. This requested details of what supports the participant requires. Now support coordination providers, after receiving the.request, are to consider it and inform the planner whether it has been accepted. A plan handover is then arranged between the planner and nominated support coordinator. If you or someone in your community might need to acquire NDIS Support Coordination services, you can always contact our Marli & Moe NDIS Support Coordination Services to discuss your options and whether it’s right for you.

Our Support Coordination Team will support you to choose how you want your services to be provided and who you want to provide them. The Marli & Moe Support Coordination team can help you find the right providers for you, and get those services set up – including supporting you to decide the budget for each type of support and negotiating prices and service agreements. With Localised support across Australia with a highly skilled and experienced team of Support Coordinators & Specialists, The Marli & Moe Support Coordination team are people that you can rely on.

To get in touch with the Marli & Moe NDIS Support Coordination team today just give us a call on 1300 797 454 or on the email

If you’d like to read a bit more, visit our Support Coordination webpage.

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