The Support Coordinators at Marli and Moe are lead by General Manager Jemma, who herself, through her own daughter Marli, has navigated the NDIS system since its introduction. Her passion for others in the same situation grew and she underwent the necessary training to fulfil a badly needed service.

You see, Marli and Moe grew organically, out of a need for people navigating the aged care and disability sector to be looked after in a truly unique way. From the young at heart, to the young of age, we celebrate life’s diverse groups of people that make it unique and assist them to discover more from the world around them.

The Support Coordinators at Marli and Moe individually take on only enough participants so they can continue to provide high level service. We simply aren't about numbers, we are about high quality of service.

Marli- signifies the youth. We commit to protecting them every day and making sure they live a life that is full of opportunities.

Moe- signifies those in later life, that need the respect, dignity and support to age with love.

Our NDIS Support Coordination Team

Meet some of our team members

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